A lot of people from the valley of Eksingedalen emigrated to America. From some of the farms almost whole families left. The second uppermost farm Ekse was one of those.


Lars and Anna

One which left was Lars Jakobson Ekse, b. 1849. He left in 1871. Of 9 siblings 6 left. On the picture below you can see his house in 1881. A sodhouse. We are in Spring Lake outside Oldham, Kingsbury County, South Dakota. Lars and his wife Anna lived in this house for five years, from 1876 when they just married arrived with their properties and two children on a mule wagon westwards from Kasson Minnesota. In this house Anna gave birth to 3 children. Anna is sitting in the doorway holding John borne in 1881. Later this year they could move into a real house. Lars was back in Norway in 1908. He died in 1937. His brother Jakob b. 1860 became a pastor “over there”. The picture and picture-text are from the 1930 Golden Anniversary edition of the De Smet newspaper The News.

This as an example of the hard life meeting the immigrants in the “beloved land”. When I started back in 2004 to publish articles about the emigration from Eksingedalen to America I did it on trefall.com/emigration. Those pages will continue to exist. But new articles will appear here. The goal is that all new articles will be both in Norwegian and English.

The Lars and Anna Ekse sodhouse
The Lars Ekse sodhouse was located 3 miles east and 2 1/4 north of Oldham (Dewey Menzel farm). In the foreground is Dora Ekse Nelson, sister of Lars Ekse, with the Ekse children, Thea and Nellie. In the doorway is the wife Anna, holding John. On the sod shanty is Jacob and Tina (Mrs. Andrew Lee), and Lars Ekse stands to the right of his sod shanty. This was built in 1876.
Family charts
Ancestors Lars
Nils Jonson Ekse
1800 - 1874
Ancestors Anna
Descendants Lars & Anna Descendants Lars & siblings
Jakob Nilson Ekse b: 1820 d: 1913
Gjertrud Larsdotter Nesheim b: 1821 d: 1906
Ingvald Ekse b: 1901
Ingeborg Jakobsdotter Ekse b: 1846 d: 1878
Dortea Jakobsdotter Ekse b: 1857 d: 1941
Kristian Nelson b: 23 FEB 1859 d: 28 JUL 1944
Clara Malena Nelson b: 1901 d: 1994
Earl McKinly Wohlhueter b: 1896 d: 1978
Brita Jakobsdotter Ekse b: 1853 d: 1853
Ragnhild Jakobsdotter Ekse b: 1850 d: 1931
Nils Jakobson Ekse b: 1847 d: 1870
Lars Jakobson Ekse b: 1849 d: 1937
Anna Hanson b: 1854
Cornelia Carg b: 1887
Berta Nilsdotter Ekse b: 2 AUG 1909 d: 17 FEB 1992
Brita Johannesdotter Straume b: 1864 d: 1888
Torkild Jonson Gullbrå b: OCT 1846 d: 1 MAR 1929
Tilda Torkelsdotter Gullbrå b: 1899 d: 1970
Carl Gildseth b: 4 MAY 1893 d: JUL 1966
Leland Gildseth b: 24 NOV 1924 d: 1 FEB 1998
Carla Strunk b: 1968 d: 1968

SD = South Dakota.
Kartet viser og antall innvandrarar til kvar stat:

South Dakota

Kingsbury County to the right in the middle:

South Dakota
South Dakota
Spring Lake Township

Parts of Spring Lake Township in Kingsbury County from 1929.
Lars J Ekse in sector 7.
A sister of Lars, Dortea b. 1857 emigrated in 1882, married to Christian E. Nelson, was located in sector 18.

Parts of Spring Lake
Parts of Spring Lake
Google satelite picture from todays Spring Lake.
The Lars farm is in the square in the middle, surrounded by roads below and to the left.

Use “full screen” and zoom and pan around:

Picture and picture-text is from the De Smet newspaper The News, the 1930 Golden Anniversary edition.
Some data about age of persons are incorrect. I have to go through censues and correct these, + add cementary data and gravestones for Lars and Anna.

Emigration from the Ekse farm

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