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Welcome to the New Trefallpage. For a long time, only the Norwegian version has been updated. Now (April -24) the framework for the English version is now updated. Many translations are still missing. Some articles will never be translated, most of them will.

On the old Trefallpage, the “original” one I started back in 2004, you will find more information.

Selected pages and posts

The snow-winter 1962
The story about the winter 1961-62. Orginally posted on Facebook in 6 parts . . .
(so fare unfortunately only in Norwegian).

From Eksingedalen
Stories from the valley of Eksingedalen in elder days . . .

Posts from and about the mountain pasture Trefallstoelen . . .

This story started about 22 PM in the evening at the 3d day of Christmas 1942 at the mountain Kvitanosi, Voss municipality, Hordaland County, Norway. Passing the mountain Kvitanosi on its way to Stavanger, the Condor flew 50 meters to low and crashed . . . .

A lot of people from the valley of Eksingedalen emigrated to America. From some of the farms almost whole families left. The second uppermost farm Ekse was one of those.
One which left was Lars Jakobson Ekse, b. 1849. He left in 1871. Of 9 siblings 6 left . .

Much exiting to write about here, as the emigration from the valley, local war history and travellers decriptions. An example of the latter is when the poet and outdoor man Theodor Caspari visited the valley in 1919, where he comes with a fascinating description of the people, nature and living conditions of that time . . . .

Here you can find a map from 1816 showing the upper part of the valley Exingedalen, belonging to the military district the “Wossiske Compagnie District af Bergenhusiske Skarpskytterbataljon” under “Norske Jaegerkorps” .  But also modern maps and other subjects . . . .

Photo Albums
Her you will find some photo albums. Many of the photos from the posts are here sorted in albums . . . .

Link to the Eksingedalen page

Other subjects

Min nettside Biking Kongsberg – Stanghelle

Min nettsidePost – 5296 Eksingedalen

Newest posts

Trefallstoelen 7th-10th March

After I broke my right wrist badly when falling in the upper part of the sherpa stairs Oppstemten hiking down from the mountain Ulriken in Bergen Norway the last week of November, now at last the first hike to Trefallstoelen…

Trefallstoelen late September 2019

These cold days in the fall are a nice and atmospheric time. The snow falls late in September to disappear again leaving nice October days In the end of October the snow is back again, now to be left for…

Trefallstoelen February 2019

Some images from the beautiful Trefallstoelen taken in February 2019 (click pictures to enlarge).  This page is last changed Apr 11, 2024 @ 20:43 – Copyright © 2024