This story started about 22 PM in the evening at the 3d day of Christmas 1942 at the mountain Kvitanosi, Voss municipality, Hordaland County, Norway. Passing the mountain Kvitanosi on its way to Stavanger, the Condor flew 50 meters to low and crashed. 4 were killed, 2 survived.

Many a hiker have in the next 62 years had the wreck at Kvitanosi as an exciting place to visit. Then a new time-line started. A museum in Berlin throw their eyes on the wreck. They wanted it for restoration of a Condor. The only copy in the world!

The local people protested. They wanted to keep the wreck as a war memorial up in the mountains. Temporary there was a preservation. Then an agreement with the museum. After 67 years the plane flew again. This time with the help of an helicopter, first to Boemoen at Voss, than by truck to the Airbus site in Bremen, Germany. This is the main restoration site. Retired aeroplan builders are doing a good job.

Link to the original Kvitenosi page.

Link to map / areal photo of the Kvitanosi wreck.

A dramatized version

The story about the chrash at Kvitanosi is the one story I have published most material about, and which for example the wikpedia page Focke-Wulf Fw200 Condor uses as a reference. So of course will Kvitanosi also be found on these new pages. On the origian Kvitanosi page you will find information on the plane-chrash at the mountain Kvitanosi in Norway at 27th of December 1942, which I have collected over many years.

The 2010 visit on the Condor restauration site at Airbus in Bremen. From left Heiko Triech, Stein Ottosen, Egil Christophersen (uppermost), Svein-Aage Knudsen, Kaare Trefall and Echart Wudke.

New material will appear on these pages, as about what will happen to the embulatory exhibition (use this link if you want to enlarge the pictures).

Maybe it will appear as a permanent exhibition in Eksingedalen?



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