(This page is made by Kaare Trefall 31st of August 2013 for the "Gulbra Family Reunion". The information will be moved elsewhere later.)

To Kimberly Gilbertson:
Our common great great grandfather Jon Bergeson Gullbraa (1821-1923) was the farmer at "bruk 4" 1843-1884.
("Bruk 4" (Bnr. 4) meaning "part number 4" after gradually dividing the original farm up into parts, often among siblings.)
Your great grandfather Torkild Jonson Gullbraa (b.1847) grew up here. And his sister, my great grandmother Ingeborg Jonsdotter Gullbraa (b.1858).
See also this link.

3 pictures from Gullbraa 2011 and 2013 taken by Svein Ulvund.

1) A panorama picture:

2) Look for the yellow hous to the left, which is the farmhouse at bruk 4:

3) Look for the yellow hous to the right:

The farmhouse at bruk 4 in about 1940: